Walk in Dingle

Spacer w Dingle

  • What is the best part of winter walks? My mum’s & sister’s homemade alcoholic drinks. You can ask people from the picture:).

    Do you remember Agata? Taking the bottle from her is not that easy as it looks like on the picture;).

    Would you need recipies for these drinks - I can ask my mum. But for sure you have to go to Poland and buy ‘some’ rectified spirit and fresh fruits. Want to try? Let me know and I’ll bring some from Poland.



  • Jaka jest najlepsza rzecz podczas zimowych spacerów? Domowej roboty nalewki - najlepiej mojej mamy lub siostry;).

    A po ‘pijackim’ spacerze poszliśmy na, wielbiony pod niebiosa przez Kasię, seafood chowder. Ośliniłam się…

    Dobrego tygodnia,


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